I understand the theory of socio Economic degradation which is bound to act in third world societies but how we stir this theory with religion, tribe and race; no doubt it is matchless and unrivaled in recent history. I am a student of history and still have strong believe that in many areas Pakistan is in far more better condition than decade of 60’s and 70’s. But one thing that degraded with great leap, is Law & order situation in commoners. Influentials were above law from day one in this country but the trend of wishing themselves also above law in commoners is relatively new, which started in decade of 90’s and now we can witness it in our streets.

Beating Police by lawyers and police killing lawyers recently in Daska, near Sialkot &  Killing of dozens in local government polls in Khayber Pakhtunkhuah was latest example of this trend which is prevailing in our society from last few years. Starting from killing of two brothers in Sialkot over tiny dispute by mob few years back, attack of Christian township in Gojra by mob, killing of a Christian couple by pushing then in Kiln by mob in central Punjab, burning church in Sanda by mob are example of such behavior where mob decided to exercise its authority over law. Despite knowing that there would be video footage that can reveal the faces of people involved in pulling the law, killers don’t care due to inefficiency of administration.

So, as nation we are impatient, hasty and impulsive and most important Unfair. I wanted to use word cheat but it might be harsh and will reflect my “Paki” impatient mentality.

Lets come to solutions; There may be number of solutions but in my opinion its time to be fair with ourselves and  we should start from bottom and immediately start teaching truth to our children on Pakistan and Pakistani Nation: which are

1-       Pakistan is a 3rd world country where 50% people live below poverty line.

2-       Pakistani’s are neither bravest nor intelligent in comparison to our neighboring nations but actually more than 50% population is under nourished which mean either they are physically or mentally unhealthy to perform as citizen to country.

3-      Pakistan is an uneducated and Un skilled nation, 60% population is uneducated,  and 95% unskilled which is lowest in region, behind Bangladesh and Nepal.

4-      Pakistan has lowest growth rate in region, its more or less on 50% to the growth rates of India and Bangladesh.

5-      Pakistan produce 90% of World’s Heroin and due to this fact many countries don’t award Visas and other neutralization to Pakistani Citizens.

6-      Pakistan is the only country in Region with growing number of Polio cases, when this disease Vanished from most parts of world, and due to this fact not only many countries don’t provide Visa and neutralization services to Pakistan but also every Pakistani has to obtain and submit vaccination certificate upon every travel.

7-      Islam is official religion of Pakistan but its more official for some people , groups and parties which could be criminal and terrorists.

8-      Pakistan is not a superior nation and religion can’t help in rising nation, there are some other factor which may help but those factors are undiscovered in Pakistan.

9-      Our Army, commandoes or ISI are not best, t in any ranking it may come to last numbers but sure not in initial numbers, and any you saw any list which shows then in first 10 or 20, it must be fake like AXACT degrees.

10-    Pakistan fought four wars since its creation and lost all comprehensively.

11-     Pakistan either purchase or stole missile and atomic technology to make nuclear weapons and missiles.

This list may continue in every aspect of life, every segment of society and every portion of country, but as first lesson always difficult to swallow so I am ending this list here and give chance to our readers to brain storms on untruthful lessons we learned from our elders and teachers till date and they may try dig up truth themselves by doing small research through Google or any other online search engine.