Supreme Court of Pakistan in its recent verdict accepted the plea of Ex-President and Army chief General retired Pervaiz Musharraf and asked government of Pakistan to include three other civilians in high treason case  which initially initiated against only General Retired Musharraf. Court though did not include General Retired Ashfaq pervaiz Kiani, or any other retired or on duty General, also mentioned in plea submitted by Musharraf.

By this verdict Supreme court established two facts, number one, “Nazria-e-Zaroorat” which I translate as “Necessity is mother of all evil” is still alive in Pakistan and could be implemented at any stage and any time. And secondly, Military is still a sacred cow and it not allowed by bloody civilians to dare touch this cow.

Though in current political scenario this verdict will be a sigh of relief for the government of who is already on back foot against establishment due to Imran-Qadri SIT INS or rallies throughout country especially in their political strong castle Punjab. Government will see it as cease fire in battle between government which actually started from initiating trial of Pervaiz Musharraf and taking independent line on foreign policy. Military on the other hand will be happy on their fair and square victory by establishing themselves above the law once again in Pakistan.