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Anjum Aqeel Khan

This constituency comprises mostly of the federal capital’s urban area. Most voters in this constituency are government servants. In the post-General Ziaul Haq period, election to this seat was either secured by the PPP or the PMLN. However in  general elections of 2002, quite unexpectedly Mian Mohammed Aslam of  MMA won.

in 2008 general elections the PPP had awarded its ticket to a known political worker, Dr Israr Shah. PMLQ had

Dr. Asrar Shah

awarded a ticket to a resident of the area, Rizwan Sadiq, and the PMLN’s ticket  gone to Anjam Aqeel.

Anjum, Aqeel khan won the race for PML-N with huge margin of fourty thousand votes, he got 61,480 votes while his closed rival Dr. Asrar Shah of PPP got only 26,485 votes.

in current scenario Tehreek e Insaf emerged as another important stake holder as PPP’s senior leader Dr. Asrar Shah joined PTI in 2011, JI has also strong vote bank and its candidate Mian Aslam has good personal vote bank in area. Considering its previous reputation and taking it in consideration that JI and PTI’s vote will divide  and there is no reputed electable in this area from PPP,

Mian Aslam

Pakvoice Gives this seat to PML-N

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