NA-15  Abbottabad-i (Old NA-18 Abbotabad ii)

Murtaza Javed Abbasi

MNA: Murtaza Javed Abbasi

Party: PML-N

Murtaza Javed Abbasi from PML-N continued his winning spell in 2013 elections also and defeated his old rival Sardar Mohammad Yaqoob, who was contesting from PTI side this time.

Current Political Position


In 2002 Sardar Mohammad Yaqub, former deputy speaker of the National Assembly, won from this constituency as a PML-Q candidate by a margin of 3000 votes. In 2008 PML-N revived its supremacy in constituency and Murtaza javed Abbasi of PML-N defeated Sardar Yaqoob with very huge margin. This seat has been in the possession of the PMLN for many years. In the past, Mian Nawaz Sharif had himself stood from this seat and won it.

Total population:                            649410
Total Registered Voters:               323694
Provincial Seats:                               3

PF-46 (MPA- Qalander Khan Lodhi – PTI)

PF-47 (Sardar Aurangzeb Naulatha – PML-N)

PF-48 (Sardar Mohammad idrees -PTI)

Results of 2013 Elections:

Party Candidate Votes %
 PML-N Murtaza Javid Abbasi 72,586 49.32
 PML Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob 35,480 24.11
Independent Choudry Faisal Zulfiqar Ali 18,146 12.33
Independent Sardar Muhammad Riaz Khan 8,209 5.58

 Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner Murtaza Javaid Abbasi PML-N Acquired Votes: 72586
Runner Up Sardar Mohammed Yaqoob PML-Q Acquired Votes: 35480

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Sardar Mohammed Yaqoob PML-Q Acquired Votes: 36826
Runner Up Murtaza Javaid Abbasi PML-N Acquired Votes: 32527


Constituency Structure

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