Bannu District

Area: 1227 km2
Population:  677,346 < est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 1
Provincial Assembly Seats:  4
Talluqas/ Subdivisions: 1

Current Party Position

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Most Influential Politician:

Bannu District is one of 24 districts that make up the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is represented in the provincial assembly by four MPAs. The district’s main city is Bannu, near Waziristan.

The major industries of Bannu are cloth weaving and the manufacturing of cotton fabrics, machinery, and equipment. It is famous for its weekly Jumma fair. Bannu is very green place, set amongst rugged and dry mountains, but with very fertile land. Early English visitors had been known to refer to it as a “paradise”.

Bannu became a Divisional Headquarters in 1990, with Nawaz Sharif announcing its upgrade. The district of Bannu was divided into two and Lakki Marwat was separated from it to become its own new and independent district.

Bannu is mainly a rural district, though its urban centres are well-populated and date centuries back in history. The old city of Bannu is walled and can be entered through one of its many gates. The land in the district is fertile and known for producing high quality vegetables, fruits and spices. But these days, the phrase that best describes Bannu is “the imminent rise of mullahs and militancy”. The site of many suicide attacks on the Pakistan Army, the district is on one of the routes most frequented by the military convoys proceeding to the adjoining tribal areas.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA- 26  Bannu                Bannu District


Notable Politicians:

  • Akram Khan Durrani
  • Moulana Nasib Ali Sha
  • Moulana Fazl ur Rehman
  • Malik Nasir Khan
  • Haji Inamullah Wazir
  • Haji Sher Azam Khan Wazir
  • Adnan Khan
  • Irfanullah Durrani