NA-12 Battagram (Old NA-22 Battagram)

Qari Mohammed Yousuf

Qari Mohammed Yousuf

MNA: Qari Mohammd Yousuf

Party: JUI-F

Qari Mohammed Yousuf regained this seat for JUI-F and defeated independent candidate and 2008 winner Nawaz Khan Allai, while PML-N candidate Alam Zeb Khan remained close third.

Current Political Position


Tribal divisions rather than political ideals determine the voting pattern in Battagram. Each clan seems to cultivate new enemies during national and local council elections. In 2002, Qari Mohammed Yousuf garnered 13,000 more votes than Mohammad Nawaz Khan of the PML-Q. Bakht Nawaz Khan, an independent candidate, polled 1,400 fewer votes than the PML-Q candidate and remained close third. Yousuf, who holds a Wifaqul Madaris degree from Darul Uloom Haqqani, Akora Khattak, was the chief administrator of the Darul Uloom Ishaatul Islam, Battagram. A low-key figure, he came to the fore after 9/11 when he led the anti-US campaign in the district.
in 2008 Nawaz Khan of PML-Q reclaimed the seat and defeated Qari Yousuf with minor margin of 2000 votes
There has been a drastic fall in voter turnout in this constituency over the last two elections. A total of 139,985 voters are registered for this seat, of them 80,287 are male and 59,698 female. Among the clans residing in the constituency, the Swatis are quite strong.

Before  2013 elections , Nawaz Khan Allai left PML-Q tried to  PML-N but PML-N did not awarded him ticket.


Total population:                            476612
Total Registered Voters:               151437
Provincial Seats:                               2

PF-59 (2013 winner: Nawabzada wai Mohammed Khan – PML-N)

PF-60 (2008 winner: Shah Hussain Khan – JUI-F)

 Results of 2013 Elections

Party Candidate Votes %
JUI-F Qari Mohammad Yousif 18,572 26.07
Ind Mohammad Nawaz Khan 13,092 18.38
PML-N Alamzeb Khan 12,214 17.15
IND Attaullah Khan Trand 10,698 15.02
IND Sardar Malik Jan 9,120 12.8
PTI Niaz Mohammad Khan 2,370 3.33

 Results of 2008 Elections

Winner Mohammed Nawaz Khan Allai PML-Q Acquired Votes: 22316
Runner Up Qari Mohammed Yousuf MMA Acquired Votes: 20036

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Qari Mohammed Yousuf MMA Acquired Votes: 24092
Runner Up Mohammed Nawaz Khan Allai PML-Q Acquired Votes: 10875


Constituency Structure:

  • Battagram District