NA-17 Haripur (Old NA-19 Haripur)

Babar Nawaz Khan MNA-NA-19

Babar Nawaz Khan

MNA: Babar Nawaz Khan

Party: PML-N

Raja Amir Zaman, on ticket of PTI defeated Umer Ayub Khanm who was running this time on PML-N ticket in genernal elections of 2013. But election commission void this election on charges of rigging. in by-elections of 2015 PML-N reclaimed this seat from PTI and new comer from PML-N Babar Nawaz Khan defeated PTI’s Raja Amir Zaman comprehensively.

Current Political Position


This constituency has seen epic battles between the families of Ayub Khan and Sikandar Zaman. Both Gohar Ayub and Raja Sikandar Zaman have been successful candidates here. In addition, this constituency has huge vote bank of PML-N.

In the 2002 race, the PML-Q ticket holder Omar Ayub Khan defeated Pir Sabir Shah of PML-N. Omar Ayub polled 81,496 votes, some 20,000 more votes than his nearest rival PMLN’s provincial chief Pir Sabir Shah’s 61,359 votes. In contrast, Ghulam Nabi, the MMA candidate, had polled 30,514 votes out of the 453,508 registered votes.

In 2008 Sardar Mohammad Mushtaq Khan, a PML-N nominee reclaimed the seat for PML-N by defeating Raja Aamir Zaman who was running as independent candidate while Omer Ayub Khan remained distant third.

Sardar Mushtaq defected to PPP  and Gohar Ayub again joined PML-N before 2013 elections.

Total population:                            1003,031
Total Registered Voters:               484252
Provincial Seats:                               4

PF-49 (2013winner: Raja Faisal Zaman – PML-N)

PF-50 (2013 winner: Akbar Ayub Khan – PTI)

PF-51 (2013 winner: Gohar Nawaz Khan– QWP)

PF-52 (2013 winner: Faisal Zaman – PTI)

Results of Results of 2015  by Elections

Party Candidate Votes %
PML-N Babar Nawaz Khan 137,227 58.63
PTI Raja Amir Zaman 90,702 38.75
JUI-F Pir Syed Aalamzeb Shah 2,473 1.06

Results of Results of 2013 Elections

Party Candidate  Votes %
 PTI Raja Aamer Zaman 116,979 40.61
 PML-N Omar Ayub Khan 114,807 39.85
 JUI-F Pir Syed Alamzeb Shah 19,860 6.89
 PPPP Sardar Muhammad Mushtaq Khan 16,474 5.72

 Results of 2008 Elections

Winner Sardar Mohammed Mushtaq PML-N Acquired Votes: 98670
Runner Up Raja Amir Zaman IND Acquired Votes: 71254

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Umer Ayub Khan PML-Q Acquired Votes: 81496
Runner Up Pir Sabir Shah PML-N Acquired Votes: 61359


Constituency Structure:

1-       District Haripur