Karak District

Area: 3372 km2
Population:  734,765< est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 1
Provincial Assembly Seats:  2
Talluqas/ Subdivisions: 2
  • Banda Daud Shah
  • Karak
  • Takht-e-Nasrati

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Karak  is a district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is situated to the south of Kohat District and on the north side of Bannu and Lakki Marwat districts on the main Indus Highway between Peshawar and Karachi – it is 123 km from the provincial capital Peshawar. Karak is said to be the single district in Pakistan which is inhabited by only one tribe of Pashtuns — the Khattak.

Karak has one of the largest uranium mines in Pakistan under supervision of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Gas has been recently discovered in Shakardara, Gurguri Makori and noshpa banda areas.

Due to a rising literacy rate, Karak produces the bulk of bureaucrats and generals coming from the Frontier. Though it shares its border with the North Waziristan Agency, it has so far not been affected as heavily by religious militancy as some other parts of the province. Because of the alkaline soil and low rainfall, most of the land falling in this district is unsuitable for cultivation. In the absence of agriculture people rely on the public and private sectors for their livelihood. For this obvious reason the district is a hotbed for recruitment for the military as well as other government departments.


National Assembly Constituencies:

NA- 15  Karak                                  Karak District               


Notable Politicians:

  • Mufti Ajmal Khan
  • Shams ur Rehman Khatak
  • Nawabzada Mohsin Ali Khan
  • Sher Nawaz khatak