Kohistan District

Area: 7492 km2
Population:  472,570< est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 1
Provincial Assembly Seats:  3
Talluqas/ Subdivisions: 4

1-      Dassu,

2-      Pattan,

3-      Pallas

4-      Kandia

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Kohistan meaning “land of mountains” has distinct meanings in Pakistan. In Persian “koh” means “peak” and “ustaan” means province”. While in Sanskrit Sthana means place.In its usual modern sense Kohistan District is an administrative district within Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province covering an area of 7,492 square kilometres (2,893 sq mi); it had a population of 472,570 at the 1998 Census. Geographically, Kohistan stretches from the border with Azad Kashmir in the east to Swat in the West.

Kohistan has a rich local history as a crossroads between Central, South and Southwestern Asia. Predominantly inhabited by Dardic tribes since ancient times, Kohistan has been invaded and contested by Persians,Greeks, Scythians,Kushans, Turks, Mughals, and the British.

On the Swat side the tribes are divided into two groups, Manzar and Money. They were two brothers and sons of Nafria. Tribes of Kandia, Dubair, and Ranolia belong to Manzar group. Those of Banked, Jijal, Pattan, Kayal and Seo belong to Money group. The main tribes on the are Mulakhel, Koka Manke Khel and Darram Khel. They are of cognate origin and do not convey clear territorial division.

Kohistan is one of the largest yet most sparsely populated districts in the KPK. The district has been victim to a host of invasions and is therefore mottled with ethnic diversity. It sits on the border of two aggressive tectonic plates, the Eurasian plate and the Indian subcontinent, making it susceptible to earthquakes. The area comprises three provincial seats that are mostly governed by the MMA, which has a strong support here. Unfortunately, Kohistan faces many a dilemma with the lowest literacy and employment rates in the country, and severe paucity of utilities.


National Assembly Constituencies:

NA- 23  Kohistan          KohistanDistrict