Lakki Marwat District

Area: 3164 km2
Population:  490,025 < est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 1
Provincial Assembly Seats:  3
Talluqas/ Subdivisions: 1

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician:

Lakki Marwat is one of the Southern Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. It was created as an administrative district on July 1, 1992, prior to which it was a Tehsil of Bannu District.

One story says that long ago a battel was fought between the Marwat tribe and Wazir and Marwat tribe started to unite an army. The army was huge enough that people say almost 1 Lac Marwat. Then the word “Lac” become Lakki therefore, it is called Lakki Marwat.

Another story links this name to one Lakki Ram or Lukko Ram, a Hindu trader who is considered to be the original founder of this town. Yet another source claims that the town was initially known as Ihsan Pur.

The second part of the District’s name comes from the warrior tribe of Marwat who has inhabited the entire area for several centuries.


National Assembly Constituencies:

NA- 27  Lakki Marwat                Lakki Marwat District


Notable Politicians:

  • Huamyun Saifullah Khan
  • Salim Saifullah Khan
  • Anwer Saifullah Khan
  • Dr. Khalid Raza Pir of Zakori Sharif
  • Naseer Mohammed Maidad kehl
  • Munawwer Khan
  • Anwer Kamal Khan