NA-36 Lakki Marwat (Old NA-27 Lakki Marwat)

Amirullah Marwat

Amirullah Marwat

MNA: Amirullah Marwat

Party: PTI

This seat won by Moulana Fazl ur Rahman in general elections of 2013 but JUI-F lost this seat to PTI in by elections. Amirullah Marwat from PTI comprehensively defeated JUI-F from here in by elections.

Current Political Position


In 2002’s epics of MMA, Moulana Amanullah Khan defeated Anwer Saifullah Khan of PML-Q comprehensively. But this is the constituency of Saifullah brothers.  In 2008, their elder brother Humayun Saifullah Khan reclaimed this seat for his family contesting on PML-Q ticket and defeated Dr. Khalid Raza, Pir of Zakori Sharif running on MMA ticket.

Now Salim Saifullah who is Marwat tribe chief is in PML-Likeminded and will contest as PML-N candidate and his main rival will be JUI-F. Mulana Fazlur Rehman may contest himself from here. There is no other significant political force except PPP because one of Saifullah brother, Anwer Saifullah is PPP provincial president.


Total population:                            876182
Total Registered Voters:               266658
Provincial Seats:                              3

PF-74 (2008 winner: Anwer Hayat Khan – JUI-F)

PF-75 (2008 winner: Noor Saleem Khan – JUI-F)

PF-76 (2008 winner: Munawwer Khan Adv. – JUI-F)


 Results of 2008 Elections

Winner Humayum Saifullah Khan PML-Q Acquired Votes: 61303
Runner Up Dr. Khalid Raza Pir of Zakori Sharif IND Acquired Votes: 52315

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Moulana Amanullah Khan MMA Acquired Votes: 65938
Runner Up Anwer Saifullah Khan PML-Q Acquired Votes: 41171


Constituency Structure:

  • Lakki Marwat District