Peshawar District

Area:  1,257 km2
Population:  46,5,000Est.2010-11
National Assembly Seats:  4
Provincial Assembly Seats:  11
Tehsils/ Towns: 4

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:











Most Influential Politician: Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour

The provincial capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa province, Peshawar is bounded by tribal agencies on its three borders. It is the closest Pakistani metropolis city to Afghanistan, serving as a key route for trade and smuggling. At the height of the Afghan conflict it supported three million Afghan refugees. Having an estimated population of nearly three million, most of its inhabitants are professionals in contrast to its neighboring agrarian districts.

Peshawar city is famous for its Qissa Khawani Bazaar, Balahisar Fort and Chowk Yadgaar, the latter built to commemorate the martyrs of the 1857 War of Independence against the British. A sizeable Christian population lives in the heart of the region that is synonymous with Muslim fundamentalism to the outside world. A small Sikh population also resides in the city.

Peshawar has four National Assembly seats and 11 provincial assembly seats. The politics of the district has been dominated by the Bilours, long affiliated with Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s brand of Pashtun nationalism. The other prominent political family is that of Arbabs. At the pinnacle of their political power, Arbab Mohammad Jehangir Khan served as the provincial chief minister. Arbab Niaz is another prominent politician. In the 2002 election, MMA was victor on all the upper house seats, while the PPP and ANP were runners-up on two seats each. In 2008 ANP and PPP pooled two seats each.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-1 Peshwar-i            Municipal Corporation Peshawar, Old city

NA-2  Peshawar-ii           Parts of Peshawar M.C., Peshawar Cantt., University town,

NA-3  Peshawar-iii          Parts of Peshawar M.C, Mathra Q.H, Khalsa Q.H, Mahal Salu

NA-4  Peshawar-iv         Parts of Peshawar M.C, Badaber Q.H, Urmer(all) Mera Kachri,

Notable Politicians:

  • Haji Ghlam Ahamed Bilour
  • Ayub Shah
  • Dr. Arbab Alamgir khan
  • Arbab Mohammed Jahangir Khan
  • Noor Alam Khan
  • Zafar Iqbal Jhagra
  • Arbab Mohammed Zahir Khan
  • Mohammed Azam Afridi
  • Eng. Amir Muqam
  • Bashir Ahmed Bilour