NA- 28 Peshawar-iv (old NA-4 Peshawer iv)

MNA from Constituency: Gulzar Khan

Party:                                Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

PTI’s Gulzar Khan won this seat comprehensively in 2013 elections by defeating PML-N’s nasir Khan Mousazai. Gulzar khan is one those MNA’s who didn’t resign during PTI’s SIT IN of 2014. so, chances of ticket in next elections to him from PTI is quite not healthy.

Current Political Position


Arbab Zahir Khan

In 2002, Arbab Zahir Khan lost to Sabir Hussain Awan of the MMA after polling just 16,660 votes against his rival’s 28,728 votes. In the past the ANP and the PPP were engaged in fierce rivalry over the seat which used to be NA-4 Peshawar-cum-Nowshera. ANP candidates have been successful on three occasions: Wali Mohammad Khan in 1997 and Ajmal Khattak in 1988 and 1990. Naseerullah Khan Babar of the PPP tasted electoral success in 1993.

In 2008 Zahir Khan, a landlord, has considerable influence over the tenants of this constituency regained the political strength of ANP in constituency and defeated PPP’s Azam Khan Afridi, a former nazim of Peshawar with quite fair margin. Amir Muqam ex-minister for political affairs and senior leader of PML-Q remained close third.



Total population:                           8,51,544
Total Registered Voters:               
Provincial Seats:                               2

1- PK-69


Results of 2013 Elections:

Winner Gulzar Khan PTI Acquired Votes: 55134
Runner Up Nasir Khan Mousazai PML-N Acquired Votes: 20214



Shah Farman PTI 11525
Khushdil Khan ANP 10453
Aman Ullah PML-N 8158
Javid Khan Momand JI 7065
Ghazanfar Ali PPP-P 6229
Muhammad Sadeeq JUI-F 3266


Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq PTI 15153
Khalid Waqar JUI-F 12977
Sifat Ullah PML-N 11140
Saqib Ullah ANP 5889
Muhammad Dawood Khan Barki PPP-P 3375
Khalid Waqas JI 2955

  Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner Arbab Muhammed Zahir Khan ANP Acquired Votes: 31598
Runner Up Azam Khan Afridi PPPP Acquired Votes: 18702

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Sabir Hussain Awan MMA Acquired Votes: 28628
Runner Up Arbab Muhammad Zahir Khan ANP Acquired Votes: 16660


Constituency Structure New:

a) Khalsa Qanungo Halqa of Peshawar Tehsil, excluding the following Patwar Circles: (i) Bunyadi; (ii) Isa Khel Hamid; (iii) Laram, (iv) Babu Zai; (v) Khazana; (vi) Haryana Payan; (vii) Nahaqqi, (viii) Kankola;

(b) Charge No. 14 (Peshawar Municipal Corporation): and

(c) The following Patwar Circles of Badhber Qanungo Halqa of Peshawar Tehsil (i) Son Zai Payan; (ii) Musa Zai; and (iii) Deh Bahadur.


1-      Badaber Qanoongo

2-      Parts of Khalsa Qanoongo

i-                    Urmer Bala

ii-                  Urmer Payan

iii-                Urmer Miana

iv-                Mera Kachori

v-                  Tarnab

vi-                Chamkani

vii-              Phando

3-      Parts of Municipal Corporation Peshawar