Tank District

Area: 1679 km2
Population:  238,216 < est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 1
Provincial Assembly Seats:  1
Talluqas/ Subdivisions: 1

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Most Influential Politician:

Tank is a southern district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The city of Tank is the capital of the district, which consists of Union Council City I and Union Council City II. There are totally sixteen Union councils of district Tank. Tank was formerly part (Tahsil) of district Dera Ismail Khan . Tank is bounded by the districts of Lakki Marwat to the northeast, Dera Ismail Khan to the east and southeast, and South Waziristan to the southwest, west, and northwest. The climate in Tank reaches 110-120 °F. However in the cold, harsh winters in the mountains to the west, people come to Tank to enjoy a pleasant stay and then resort back during the summer. The district contains one tahsil (subdivision), also called Tank.[1] And is represented in the Provincial Assembly by one elected MPA.

The small district of Tank is two points behind its neighbour Dera Ismail Khan on the district development ranking and with whom it shares its sole parliamentary seat. The primary profession of its Pashtun population is agriculture, with many of those who have moved to urban centres employed as menial labour. Spread over 1,679 square kilometres, Tank shares its borders with Lakki Marwat in the north, Mianwali in the east, Dera Ghazi Khan in the south and South Waziristan Agency in the west. In fact, it also serves as the administrative headquarters of the Waziristan-Mahsud territory. Tank has recently come in the spotlight for the clashes between law-enforcement agencies and militants

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA- 25  Tank    Tank District, Part D.I.Khan District

Notable Politicians:

  • Dawar Khan Kundi
  • Moulana Fazl ur Rehman
  • Moulana Ata ur Rehman
  • Habibullah Kundi
  • Sardar Umer Farooq Khan Mian Khel
  • Sanaullah Khan Mian Khel