Attock District

Area:  6,857 km2
Population:  880,666 Est.1998
National Assembly Seats:  3
Provincial Assembly Seats: 5
Tehsils/ Towns: 6


Fateh Jang

Hassan Abdal


Pindi Gheb


Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Maj.(r) Tahir Sadiq

Attock District original name was Attock it changes Campbellpur after the Briton Sir Colin Campbell who founded the city of Campbellpore. The name of the district was changed to Attock as of 1978 again. Attock city is the district headquarters

Attock District is bordered by the Haripur and Swabi districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to the north, the district of Rawalpindi to the east, the district of Chakwal to the southeast, the district of Mianwali to the southwest, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s districts of Kohat and Nowshera to the west and northwest. The river Indus forms the western boundary of the district.

The Syed, Awan, Jutt, Khattar, Qanungoh Shaikhs, Paracha, Pathans, Gakhars, Gujjars, Rajputs, and Qureshis are the main tribes of Attock District.The main Rajput tribes are the Alpial, Jodhra, Janjua, Chauhan, Gheba and Bhatti.

As this is one of the chief recruitment centers for the Pakistani land forces, politicians of the area take a pro-army line in national politics.

Currently PPP, PML-N and PML-Q hold one seat each from the district it seems status qua might remain same after alliance/ seat adjustment of PPP & PML-Q.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-57   Attock-i         Attock Tehsil (Ex. Sanjwal Cantt. Burhan Q.H)

NA-58   Attock-ii        Pindi Gheb Tehsil, Jand Tehsil.

NA-59   Attock-iii       Hassan Abdal Tehsil, Fateh Jhang Tehsil, Sanjwal Cantt. Burhan Q.H

Notable Politicians:

  • Maj. ® Tahir Sadiq
  • Malik Amin Aslam
  • Sheikh Aftab Ahmed
  • Sardar Salim Haider
  • Malik Sohail Khan
  • Sardar Shahnawaz Khan
  • Eman Waseem
  • Gulzar Waseem