Bahawalnagar District Map

Area:  8,878 km2
Population:  2,061,44 Est.1998
National Assembly Seats:  4
Provincial Assembly Seats:  8
Tehsils/ Towns: 4

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:







Most Influential Politician: Mian Mumtaz Ahmed Matiana

Bahawalnagar District  is situated on the eastern border, before the independence of Pakistan; Bahawal Nagar was a part of Bahawalpur State. The town of Bahawalnagar is the capital of the district and Chishtian, Fortabbas, Minchin abad are other important tahsils. In local politics heavy weight candidates possess more power than political parties, only PPPP has some roots here all other parties depend on heavy weight candidate.

PPPP won 3 out of 4 national assembly seats of Bahawal Nagar District in 2008.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-188 Bahawal Nagar-i           

Minchin Abad Tehsil and surrounding areas.

NA-189 Bahawal Nagar-ii    Bahawal Nagar municipal Committee, Donga Bonga Town Committee and surrounding areas.

NA-190 Bahawal Nagar-iii Chishtian Teshil, Dahranwala, & surrounding areas.

NA-191 Bahawal Nagar-iv Fort Abbas Tehsil, Haroon Abad Town Committee and surrounding areas.

Notable Politicians:

  • Mian Mumtaz Ahmed Matiana
  • Syed Muhammed Asgher Shah
  • Alam Ali Laleka
  • Muhammed Ijaz Ul Haq
  • Mohammed Akhtar Khadim Ilyas
  • Akhtar Ali Laleka
  • Shahida Sattar Laleka
  • Mian Mumtaz Alam Gilani
  • Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor
  • Tahir Bashir Cheema
  • Mohammed Afzal Sandhu