NA-169  Bahwalnagar  iv      (NA-191 Bahawalnagar V)

(Fort Abbas)

Ijaz ul Haq – Son of former President Zia ul Haq

MNA: Ijaz ul Haq

Party: PML-Z

Current Political Position


Ijazul Haq of the PML – Zia won this seat by some 10,000 votes against Mohammad Afzal Sandhu of the PPP in 2002. The migrant Arain population in the region – the caste that Ejazul Haq and his father, General Ziaul Haq, belong to – has ensured Ejazul Haq’s electoral victories in Bahawalnagar. After the election, the PML – Zia merged into the PML-Q along with the other League factions. Hence, Haq, who served as the minister for religious affairs, in Shoukat Aziz government  contested February 2008 elections as a PML-Q candidate but lost this seat to Mohammed Afzal Sandhu of PPP a veteran politician of this constituency.

Afzal Sandu Joinig PTI

In recent years Ijaz ul Haq has distant himself from Choudhries of Gujrat and turn more towards Like minded who are in alliance with PML-N. There are also rumors about him joining PML-N but it is sure that he will be most probable candidate from PML-N+ PML-Likeminded alliance.

The other important twist in this constituency is recent defection of MNA Mohammed Afzal Sandhu to PTI which made it most interesting constituency in southern Punjab where PML-N and PTI will face each other heads on. The next contest will be between Ijaz ul Haq and Afzal Sandhu.


Total population:                            768652
Total Registered Voters:               362672
Provincial Seats:                              2

Results of 2013 Elections:

Muhammad Ejaz ul Haq PML-Z 78221
Mian Abdul Rasheed PML-N 54995
Khalid Hussain Independent 35202
Doctor Mazhar Iqbal Chaudhary PPP-P 18345
Muhammad Afzal Sindhu PTI 8622
Rehan Mehmood Zia MDM 3866


Chaudhary Ghulam Murtaza PML-Z 43337
Ashraf Ul Islam PML-N 34989
Shoket Mehmood Basra PPP-P 11525
Azmat Ali Kamboh Independent 5404
Rehan Mahmood Zia MDM 4753
Madiha Ahsan Bari PTI 4039


Muhammad Naeem Anwar PML-Z 26665
Kashif Naveed Pansota PPP-P 25903
Muhammad Noman Javaid PML-N 21094
Tahir Naeem Independent 8665
Ghulam Irtaza Wafa Wattu Independent 6157
Hafiz Ajlal Hyder PTI 3847

 Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner Mohammed Afzal Sandhu PPPP Acquired Votes: 83903
Runner Up Mohamemd Ijaz ul Haq PML(Q) Acquired Votes: 79283

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Mohamemd Ijaz ul Haq PML(Z) Acquired Votes: 55109
Runner Up Mohammed Afzal Sandhu PPPP Acquired Votes: 45478


Constituency Structure

1-      Fort Abbas Tehsil

2-      Haroon Abad Municipal Committee

3-      Faqir Wala twon Committee

4-      Mir Gah

5-      Marot

6-      Khichi wala

7-      Chak 176

8-      Chak 197