Bhakkar District

Area: 8,120 km2
Population:  1,051,456 < est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 2
Provincial Assembly Seats:  4
Tehsils/ Sub divisions: 4


Darya Khan

Kaloor Kot



Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Rashid Akbar Khan Nawani

Bhakkar District Council

This area was carved out of the Mianwali district and declared a new district in 1981. The Nivanis, Shahanis, Dhandlas and Khanankhels are the district’s dominant political families. Bhakkar boasted a voter turnout of some 62 per cent in 2002, the highest in the Punjab. One of the beneficiaries of this turnout was Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, who polled more than 100,000 votes from one of the two National Assembly constituencies here.

District has an area of 3,134 square miles (8,120 km2), most of it lies in the desolate plain of the Thal, but the Kachhi or strip of riverine land along the Indus is of great fertility. Its area consists of riverine tract along the Indus called Kacha and the Thal historically called Chol-e-Jalali. Most of its area comprises greater Thal.

Mankera in centre of The Great Thal is a place of great antiquity. The old fort here; a historical heritage, is a great land mark of Thal.

Main tribes of people living in this dessert region include the Panwaar, Saigra, Khokhar, Cheenna(Jutt), Sandhila (jutt), Naich (Jutt), Aheer, Bhachar, Johiya, Mammak, Chhina,[Kulachi Baloch], Baloch, Tiwana, Sial, Baghoor, Awans, Rahdari, Uttra (Jutt), Bhullar, Lashari, Kanyal, Jhammat, Gahi(Malik), mehr, Waghra Aulakh, Majoka, Bhutta and Pushia.

Politically Bhakkar remained home of orthodox right bank voters with strong influence of local clans. PML-N lost both national assembly seats to Independent candidates with very small margin.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-73  Bhakkar – i      Kallur  Kot Tehsil, Darya Khan Tehsil, Gouhar wala, Khansar

NA-74 Bhakkar – ii       Bhakkar Tehsil, Mankera Tehsil


Notable Politicians:

  • Abdul Majid Khanan Khel
  • Sanaullah Masti Khel
  • Rashid Akbar Khan Nawani
  • Mohammed Afzal Dhandla
  • Saeed Akbar Nawani
  • Ghazanfer Abbass Chenna
  • Malik Adil Hussain Utra
  • Naeem Ullah Khan Shahani
  • Mohammed Asif Malik