Chakwal  District

Area:  6,524 km2
Population:  1,083,725 Est.1998
National Assembly Seats:  2
Provincial Assembly Seats: 4
Tehsils/ Towns: 5


Kallar Kahhar

Choa Saidan Shah



Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Ayaz Amir

Most Influential Politician: Ayaz Amir

Chakwal was given the status of a district in 1985. Interestingly, since the colonial era the district has produced some remarkable soldiers. The first Indian to become a general in the British Indian Army, Mohammad Akbar Khan, came from Chakwal, as did the first designated commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Army, General Iftikhar Khan.

Chakwal district borders the districts of Rawalpindi and Attock in the north, Jhelum in the east, Khushab in the south and Mianwali in the west.

The southern portion runs up into the Salt Range, and includes the Chail peak, 3,701 feet (1,128 m) above the sea, the highest point in the District. Between this and the Sohan river, which follows more or less the northern boundary, the country consists of what was once a fairly level plain, sloping down from 2,000 feet (610 m) at the foot of the hills to 1,400 feet (430 m) in the neighbourhood of the Sohan ; but the surface is now much cut up by ravines and is very difficult to travel over.

Lying at the beginning of the Potohar plateau and the Salt Range, Chakwal is a barani district and the terrain is mainly hilly, covered with scrub forest in the southwest, and levelled plains interspaced with dry rocky patches in the north and northeast.
The district is also home to Pakistani columnist Ayaz Amir as well as Naeem Siddiqi, poet, writer, religious scholar and a leader of the JI, and politician Majeed Malik. Manmohan Singh, India’s current prime minister, is also from Chakwal.

Chakwal has huge following of PML-N and in elections of 2008 both national assembley seats from Chakwal won by PML-N candidates. in recent past PTI made some conquests in chakwal and PPP’s senior leader Sardar Ghlam Abbas has joined PTI, secondly PML-N’s one MNA Faiz Moahmmed Tamman Also joined PTI which strengthen the position of PTI in district.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-60  Chakwal – i         Chakwal Municipality, Mangwal, Dhudial, Khanpur, Karyala, Buchal kalan, Khai, karooli, Khadola, Khairpur, Khokhar bala, Bhaun, Choa Saiden Shah Tehsil, Mureed

NA-61   Chakwal – ii         Talagang Tehsil, Nila, Balkasar, part Kallar Kahhar Tehsil


Notable Politicians:

  • Ayaz Amir
  • Sardar Nawab Khan
  • Khurram Nawab
  • Lt. General (r) Abdul Majeed Malik
  • Major ® Tahir Iqbal
  • Mansoor Hayat Tamman
  • Fozia Behram
  • Sardar Mumtaz Khan Tamman
  • Faiz Mohammed Tamman
  • Choudry Liaqat Ali Khan
  • Tanveer Aslam
  • Malik Zahoor Anwer