Faisalabad District

Area:               km2
Population:  7,000,000< est.2010-11
National Assembly Seats: 11
Provincial Assembly Seats:  22
Tehsils/ Towns: 6

Faisalabad City

Faisalabad Sadar

Chak Jhumra




Current Party Position


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Most Influential Politician:

Clock Tower- Icon of Faisalabad

Lyall Pur before 1977, the famous industrial city of Pakistan, initially developed as canal colony when British started expanding irrigation infrastructure in this part of India. It developed to urban center when lieutenant governor of the Punjab, Sir Charles James Lyall, ordered a new city in heart of Punjab in 1880. In 1977, the city was renamed Faisalabad after the late Saudi King, Shah Faisal, as a symbol of the strong bond between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The present day district comprises Pakistan’s third largest city and a large rural hinterland. It has 11 National Assembly seats, the most in any district in the country, after Karachi and Lahore.

Faisalabad is now a major industrial centre of the Punjab and is the textile capital of the country. Not surprisingly, the industrialists and businessmen play a big part in the area’s politics. In politics of nineties, Chaudhry Nazir, a local transport baron, in electoral politics, the district proves that politics in Pakistan will, to a large extent, continue to revolve around powerful and rich individuals, who will be able to win, regardless of which party they represent.

Agriculture University Faisalabad

Currently PPP retain five national assembly seats while PML-N has three, while two seats remain with PML-Q. One constituency belongs to Independent candidate. A lot of water been flowed through bridges since 2008 and now PML-Q is almost out of picture and PTI gained its ground in Faisalabad. Short fall of energy affected a lot on vote bank of PPP and many influential personalities joined PML-N. So in current scenario it seems that PML-N will be in charge from urban constituencies of Faisalabad district and there is a slight chance of PPP from rural constituencies. PTI might not be able to break the ice of rigid clan base politics of Faisalabad.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-75  Faisalabad-i          Chak Jhumra Tehsil, Khurarianwala, Dher, Kalla, Jandiala

NA-76  Faisalabad-ii        Jaranwala Municipal Committee, Lundianwala, Zafarwal, Islampura

NA-77  Faisalabad-iii       Khurrianwala town Committee, Satiana, Madoana, Rorala, Chak Hamand

NA-78  Faisalabad-iv       Tandalianwala Tehsil

NA-79  Faisalabad-v         Sumandri Tehsil

NA-80 Faisalabad-vi        Dijkot Town Committee, Faisalabad Sadar, Nishatabad, Samnabad

NA-81  Faisalabad-vii      Narwala, Thikrianwala, Part Faisalabad city

NA-82  Faisalabad-viii    Municipal Corporation Faisalabad

NA-83  Faisalabad-ix       Municipal Corporation Faisalabad

NA-84  Faisalabad-x        Municipal Corporation Faisalabad

NA-85  Faisalabad-xi       Municipal Corporation Faisalabad

Notable Politicians:

  • Tariq Mehmood Bajwa
  • Lt. Col.® Ghulam Rasul Sahi
  • Malik Nawab Sher Waseer
  • Choudhry Asim Nazir
  • Raheela Perveen
  • Rana Frooq Saeed Khan
  • Haji Fazal Karim
  • Mohammed Ijaz Virk
  • Abid Sher Ali
  • Haji Mohammed Akram Ansari
  • Saeed Iqbal
  • Nisar Ahmed Jatt
  • Rajab Ali khan Baloch