NA-103 Faisalabad iii (Old NA-77 Faisalabad iii)

Election 2018:

          PML-N              PTI          PPP/Other
      Ali Gohar Khan   Mohammad Saadullah

Ch. Asim Nazir

Ex-MNA: Mohammad Asim Nazir (2013-2018)

Party: PML-N

Current Political Position


Chaudhry Mohammad Asim Nazir of the PML-Q won easily from this seat in 2002, with almost half the total vote and more than double those garnered by his nearest challengers. Nazir repeated his supremacy in this constituency again in 2008 and defeated Talat Badar, a new face, who has was fielded by the PMLN. Sajjad Ahmed Awan of PPP remained distant third.

Total population:                            790908
Total Registered Voters:               283195
Provincial Seats:                               2

Results of 2013 Elections:

Muhammad Asim Nazeer PML-N 97957
Zaheer ud din PML-Q 58590
Rai Naeem Asad Kharal PTI 10148


Rana Shoaib Adrees Khan PML-N 52861
Zaheer Ud Din PML-Q 27117
Zafar Iqbal Sarwar PTI 4491


Rai Muhammad Usman Khan Kharal Independent 24906
Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan Jatoi Independent 22404
Rai Abdul Qadir Kharal PML-Q 13442
Choudhary Faza Ullah Gojar Advocate High Court Independent 8341
Zia Shahid Waseer Independent 4103
Azhar Hussain Khan Baloch PTI 3838
Rai Ijaz Hussain PML-N 2535


 Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner  Ch. Asim Nazir PML-Q Acquired Votes: 63767
Runner Up  Mohammed Tallal Choudhry PML-N Acquired Votes: 49807

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner  Ch. Asim Nazir PML-Q Acquired Votes: 63296
Runner Up  Mohammed Akram Choudhry PML-N Acquired Votes: 26548
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Constituency Structure:

1-      Kurarianwala Town Committee

2-      Following QHs of Jaranwala Tehsil 

i-                   Satiana

ii-                 Rorala

iii-             Following Patwar circles of Awagat QH

– 066/GB, 0069GB, 113/GB

3-     Kanian QH of Sumandri Tehsil

4-      Tandlianwala Tehsil excluding following QHs

i-                   Mamoon Kanjan

ii-                 Killianwala

iii-              Following PCs of Garh  QH

–               456/GB

–                 Shiraza

–               Shadi

–                 Garh

–               619/GB

5-            Mamoon Kanjan M.C