Jehlum District

Area: 3,587 km2
Population:  1,103,000 < est.2006
National Assembly Seats: 2
Provincial Assembly Seats:  4
Tehsils/ Towns: 4

Pind Dadan Khan




Current Party Position

Kheura Salt Mines: District Jehlum

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Raja Mohammed Asad Khan

The district capital, Jhelum City, is situated on the right bank of the Jhelum River, crossed by a bridge. The 16th-century Grand Trunk Road passes through the city. Jhelum city is near the site of the famous Battle of the Hydaspes between the armies of Alexander the Great and Raja Porus.This battle took place a few miles downstream from the city center, along the river banks.

Population of the Jhelum city (proper) is about 172,073 (2009) and it is the 35th largest city of Pakistan with respect to population. A cantonment was built during the British rule, which has grown up into a strong Garrison, with an Infantry Division commanded by a Major General.

Rohtas Fort, Built by Sher Shah Suri: District Jehlum

Present day Jhelum district – comprising the tehsils of Jhelum, Sohawa, Pind Dadan Khan and Dina – has not left its tradition of wars far behind. Like other districts of northern Punjab, it too serves as a recruiting ground for the armed forces. The late General Asif Nawaz Janjua, former chief of the army staff, hailed from this district. The Janjua, Jat, Rajput and Khokhar clans play an important role in the electoral politics of the district.
The district of Jhelum stretches from the river Jhelum almost to the Indus. Salt is quarried at the Mayo mine in the Salt Range. There are two coal-mines, the only ones worked in the province, from which the North-Western railway obtains part of its supply of coal. The chief centre of the salt trade is Pind Dadan Khan. The district is crossed by the main line of the North-Western railway, and also traversed along the south by a branch line. It is located in the north of the Punjab province, Jhelum district is bordered by Sargodha to its south, Gujrat and the Jhelum River to its south and east, Chakwal to its west, Mirpur to its east, and Rawalpindi to its north.

District proved to be home of PML-N in 2008 elections and both national seats were pocketed by PML-N by huge margin.


National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-62 Jehlum – i         Sohawa Tehsil, Mangla Cantt. Dina M.C., Dina, Dhaniala, Kala Gujran, Dhariala, Nathwala, Watalian, Jadah                               

NA-63 Jehlum -ii          Jehlum M.C., Jehlum Cantt., Jehlum Tehsil, Pind Dadan Khan


Notable Politicians:

  • Choudhry Shehbaz Hussain
  • Raja Mohammed Safder
  • Raja Mohammed Asad Khan
  • Choudhry Sohail Zafar
  • Nawabzada Syed Shams Haider
  • Saeed ul Hassan Zaidi