Kasur District

Area: 3,995 km2
Population:  2,912,000 < est.2011
National Assembly Seats: 5
Provincial Assembly Seats:  10
Tehsils/ Towns: 4



Patto Ki

Kot Radha Kishan

Current Party Position


Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri

Bulleh Shah Shrine – Kasur

This district, adjacent to the Indian border, has been in the news frequently for all the wrong reasons. It is the home district of Nawab Mohammad Ahmed Khan, whose murder in the early 1970s culminated in the hanging of Pakistan’s first elected Prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

According to the 1998 census, the total population of the district is 2,376,000. Of this 97% are Muslims, 2% are Christians while the rest are Ahmadis, Hindus and scheduled castes.The 22.78% of the population lived in the urban areas.

he district is bounded by the Ravi River in the north-west and river Sutlej in the south-east. Whereas the old course of Beas River bifurcates the district into two equal parts locally known as Hither and Uthar or Mithan Majh. Both of the areas have a height differential of approximately 5.5 meters. The natural surface elevation of the district is 198 meters above the sea level, having a general slope from north-east to south- west. Whereas the east and west ends of the district comprise the flood plains of the rivers Satluj and Ravi, characterized by breaching of looping river Channels braided around meander bars.
The district has also given the country two of its foreign ministers. The duo – Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali and Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri – Both are now Part of Paksitan Tehreek e Insaf.
The city of Kasur houses the shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah, the Sufi poet. It is also the birthplace of singers Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustad Barkat Ali Khan and melody queen, Noor Jehan.


National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-138   Kasur- i            MustafaAbad Town Committee, Raja Jhang Twon Committee, Kot Radha Kishan Town Committee, Parts of Kasur Tehsil.

NA-139   Kasur- ii           Kasur Municipal Committee, Parts of Kasur Tehsil

NA-140  Kasur- iii          Khudian Town Committee, Kanganpur Town Committee, Parts of Kasur Tehsil and Chunian Tehsil

NA-141   Kasur- iv          Chunian Town Committee, Patto Ki Municipal Committee, Parts of Chunian and Pattoki Tehsil

NA-142   Kasur-v            Phool Nagar Municipal Committee, Parts of Pattoki Tehsil



Notable Politicians:

  • Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali
  • Khaursheed Mehmood Kasuri
  • Rao Mazhar Hayat Khan
  • Sardar Tufail Ahmed Khan
  • Waseen Akhtar Sheikh
  • Choudhry Manzoor Ahmed
  • Nilofer Qasim Mehdi
  • Malik Rasheed Ahmed Khan
  • Dr. Azeem ud Din Lahvi
  • Sardar Mohammed Sarwar Dogar
  • Rana Mohammed Ishaq Khan
  • Sardar Asif Nakai
  • Sardar Arif Nakai
  • Rana Abdul Shakoor Khan
  • Sardar Talib Hassan Nakai
  • Rana Mohammed Hayat Khan