Khanewal District

Area: 4,349km2
Population:  2,068,490 < est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 4
Provincial Assembly Seats:  8
Tehsils/ Sub divisions: 4




Mian Channon

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Khan Aftab Khan Daha with PML-N cheif Nawaz Sharif

Most Influential Politician: Aftab Ahmed Khan Daha

Khanewal was made a separate district in 1985 and comprises the tehsils of Khanewal, Kabirwala and Mian Channu, the last of them being the hometown of the late Ghulam Haider Wyne, a one-time provincial chief minister. He was killed in an ambush in the district. The other national-level politician from this district is Syed Fakhar Imam, who first appeared on the political scene when he defeated Khwaja Safdar, General Ziaul Haq’s choice, to become the National Assembly speaker in 1985.

Indeed, Khanewal’s politics has been dominated by the Syeds of Qatalpur, with Fakhar Imam their most well-known representative, as well as the Hirajs – two of them were ministers in the Shoukat Aziz’s federal cabinet and then again in current PPP government,  – Dahas and the Bodlas also important families.

However, the district can lay claim to other achievements as well — for instance, the Khanewal City Railway Station is the second largest in Pakistan, after Lahore’s main train station: it houses a railway locomotive shed and is an important rail junction. The district is also known for its vast pasture lands as well as a seed farm run by the Punjab Seed Corporation. In addition, the handlooms in the town of Makhdoompur produce khaddar which is famous all over the country. A historic fort is located in Talamba town in the Mian Channu tehsil while Kabirwala city is the site of one of the earliest dairies in the corporate sector, now taken over by a world-famous multinational.

About 63% of population of district speaks Punjabi language (mostly spoken in northern, central and eastern parts of district). Saraiki is the second widely spoken language (spoken in the south and west) by 26% of the population.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-156  Khanewal- i     Kabirwala Town Committee, Sarai Sidhu Town Committee, Parts of kabirwala Tehsil

NA-157  Khanewal- ii        Khanewal Municipal Committee, Makhdoom Pur Town Committee, Parts of Khanewal Tehsil, Abdul hakeem Town Committee

NA-158  Khanewal- iii     Mian Channun Tehsil

NA-159  Khanewal- iv     Jahanian Tehsil, Mamba, Chak Shahana, Kacha Khoh

Notable Politicians:

  • Raza Hayat Hiraj
  • Hamid Yar Hiraj
  • Syed Fakhar Imam
  • Syed Khawar Ali Shah
  • Rizwan Ahmed khan Daha
  • Mohammed Khan Daha
  • Haji Irfa Ahmed Khan Daha
  • Aftab Ahmed Khan Daha
  • Pir Aslam Bodla
  • Pir Haider Zaman Quraishi
  • Farhatullah Khan
  • Choudhry Iftekhar Nazir
  • Malik Ghulam Mutaza Maitla
  • Rao Abid Rizwan Shoukat