Lodhran District

Area: 1,790 km2
Population:  1,464,750< est.2009
National Assembly Seats: 2
Provincial Assembly Seats:  5
Tehsils/ Sub divisions: 3


Dunya Pur

Kahror Pakka

Current Party Position


Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Siddiq Khan Kanju (Late)

Siddique Khan Kanju (late) Foreign Minister 1997-1999

Located on the northern side of River Sutlej, It is bounded to the north by the districts of Multan, Khanewal and Vehari, to the south by Bahawalpur District, to the east lie the districts of Vehari and Bahawalpur; while district Multan lies on the western side. It has the lowest Human Development Index of all districts in Punjab. The district was home to Siddiq Kanju, minister of state for foreign affairs during Nawaz Sharif’s government in 1990. It was due to his initiative that Lodhran was made a district in 1991. When the Sharifs fell from power in 1999, however, Kanju joined the PML-Q. But before he could contest any more polls, he was murdered in 2001 while campaigning for his election as the district nazim. His son Abdur Rahman Kanju became district Nazim then.

In 1849, Multan District joined Lodhran making it a tehsil on 5 May 1883. Malik Ghulam Hussain Lodhra ‘zaildar’ suggested the name “Lodhran” for this area. At that time, there were only 19 villages in Lodhran and it was a tehsil of district Multan. This area was situated in Kot Peer Sa-aadat and the tehsil office had been working there for three years. Later, a tehsil office was built within the city Lodhran. Munshi Abdul Wahid was the first superintendent of Lodhran.

In August 1873, Sadar Police Station was founded; in 1885, the Railway Station was founded. On 1 April 1909, the British Government opened a railway line from Lodhran to Karachi.

In 1924, the areas of Kehror Pacca and Dunyapur were separated from tehsil Mailsi and included in tehsil Lodhran. Lodhran Tehsil becomes 32nd district of Punjab in 1991 with three Tehsils, Lodhran, Dunya Pur and Kahror Pakka.
Lodhran has a mainly agrarian economy with wheat and cotton being the main crops. The dominant political figures of the district are the Kanjus, Baigs, Joyas and Bhuttas.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-154  Lodhran – i          Lodhran Tehsil, Minor Parts of Dunya Pur Tehsil  

NA-155  Lodhran- ii          Kahror Pakka Tehsil, Dunya Pur Town Committee, parts of Dunya Pur Tehsil


Notable Politicians:

  • Mohammed Siddiqe Khan Baluch
  • Mirza Nasir Baig
  • Mohammed Akhtar Kanu
  • Hayat ullah Khan Tareen
  • Syed Mohammed Rafi ud Din Bukhari
  • Ahmed Khan Baluch
  • Mohammed Shafiq Arain
  • Akram Khan Kanju
  • Rana Mohammed Ijaz Noon