NA-193   Rajanpur i      (Old NA-174 Rajanpur i)


Jaffer Khan Laghari

MNA: Jaffer Khan Laghari

Party: PML-N

Current Political Position


Sardar Mohammad Jaffar Khan Leghari of the NA won this seat with margin of 27,000 votes in 2002, while the PML-N’s Gorish Sardar Gurchani remained second.

In 2008, Leghari contested on PML-Q ticket against Khwaja Kalimuddin Koreja of the PPP. Despite his affiliation with the PML-Q, Sardar Nasrullah Khan Dreshak joined the race an independent candidate but lost to Sardar Jaffer Khan Laghari with margin of 10K votes.

Current situation is quite confusing as both seats of Rajan Pur do not contain any party votes. All dependent upon Electables and Sardars. Drehak Group seems very string this time but they did not decided yet to join any party. Jaffer Laghari will be most probable candidate of PPP+PML-Q alliance and this alliance could win this seat easily. PML-N might come up with Khawaja Kaleem Ud Din Koreja ex-PPP candidate or PML-N’s Provinical assembly member Sher Ali Khan Gorchani’s father, Pervaiz Iqbal Gorchani. Mind it that in 2008 Laghari, Mazari alliance defeated Dreshaks in with help of Gorchanis.

In coming elections it will be tough to guess anything before finalization of local alliances and party tickets.  There were rumors that Nasarullah Dreshak is joining PTI but he hasn’t confirmed it yet. Historically it is a pet Laghari seat, and  Lagharis are winning this seat from 1988. Farooq Laghari have been elected from here for three times. So for safe side PML-Q.

Update: Jaffer Laghari defected to PML-N and with help of Jaffer Laghari, PML-N can pocket this seat.


Total population:                            665242
Total Registered Voters:               292419
Provincial Seats:                               2

 Results of 2013 Elections:

Sardar Muhammad Jaffar Khan Leghari PML-N 100794
Sardar Nasrullah Khan Dreshak Independent 61204
Khawaja KaIeem ud Din Koreja PPP-P 25292
Abdul Razzaq Raja PTI 6825
Khawaja Mohsin Riaz JI 6371


Sardar Ali Raza Khan Darishak PTI 46239
Abdul Qadir Khan Mamdot PML-N 34920


Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani PML-N 48090
Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Khan Dreshik Independent 35310
Sardar Ather Hassan Khan Gorchani PPP-P 19616


 Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner  Jaffer Khan Laghari PML-Q Acquired Votes: 50440
Runner Up  Nasarullah Dreshak IND Acquired Votes: 40049

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Jaffer Khan Laghari PML-Q Acquired Votes: 59783
Runner Up  Gorish Sardar Gorchani PML-N Acquired Votes: 32920

New Constituency Structure:

1- MC Jampur

2- Following QHs of Jampur Tehsil

   i- Jampur

  ii- Kot Jannu

  iii- Dajel

   iv- Kotla Mughlan

   v- Mohammad Pur QH  excluding following PCs

– Chak Kureywala

– Bulewala

– Dua Rindan

3- Dajal TC (Old)

4-DC Chacha of decxcluded area


Old Constituency Structure:

1-       Jam pur Tehsil,

2-      Fazil Pur Town Committee,

3-      Fazil Pur Coloney,

4-      Chacha