NA-59 Rawalpindi iii (NA-52 Rawalpindi iii)

Adwal/ Chakri/ Sehal/ Dhamial

Election 2018:

             PML-N              PTI         PPP/Other
 Ghulam sarwar khan   Ch. Nisar Ali

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan

Ch. Nisar didnt asked for ticket from PML-N nor PML-N awarded ticket to him due his differences with Nawaz Sharif. Till now PML-N didn’t issue ticket to anyone one from this constituency. While PTI awarded ticket his all time opponent Ghulam Sarwar khan.

Ex-MNA: Choudhry Nisar Ali Khan

Party PML-N

MAP of Constituency

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Ch. Nisar stormed all his opponents from this constituency once again in elections of 2013. Runner Up PTI candidate reamained more than 60 thousand votes away.

Current Political Position

Most Influential Politician: Choudhry Nisar Ali Khan


The constituency includes areas of Rawalpindi city and Taxila. Before the 2002 election, NA-52 and NA-53 formed one constituency. However, new delimitations have created two seats out of one. PMLN stalwart Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan won from this constituency in the 2002 election with a comfortable majority, defeating the PMLQ representative Nasir Raja. And again in 2008 Khan defeated Nasir Raja who comes from an influential political family of Rawalpindi district. His brother Basharat Raja was a minister in the last Punjab provincial cabinet. Khurram Pervez, the son of Raja Pervez Ashraf, came third. Nisar Ali left this seat to keep NA-53 and again in by elections PML-N’s candidate Mohammed Safder comprehensively defeated Nasir Raja.

PML-N never lost this constituency of peripheral Rawalpindi due to its heavyweight leader, Choudhry Nisar Ali Khan and in near future there is no threat to PML-N’s supremacy here

Total population:                            761981
Total Registered Voters:               375934
Provincial Seats:                               2

PP-10 Chakri / Sehal / Adhwal / Bassali / Sagri

PP-14  Gorakh pur / banda / Adiyala

Results of 2013 Elections:

Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan PML-N 132905
Lt. Col ® Ajmal Sabir Raja PTI 69539
Muhammad Basharat Raja PML-Q 43833

Old PP-5

Engineer Qamar Ul Isalm Raja PML-N 65445
Malik Sohail Ashraf PML-Q 27039
Muhammad Haroon Kamal Hashmi PTI 15139
Syed Ismail Hussain Shah Independent 12636

Old PP-6

Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan Independent 51826
Wasiq Qayum Abbasi PTI 49398
Bilal Afzal Khokhar PPP-P 14590


 Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner Mohammed Safder PML(N) Acquired Votes: 54917
Runner Up Muhammad Nasir Raja PML(Q) Acquired Votes: 22777

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Ch. Nisar Ali Khan PML(N) Acquired Votes: 73671
Runner Up Muhammad Nasir Raja PML(Q) Acquired Votes: 56641


Constituency Structure

a- Following QH of Rawalpindi Tehsil

1-      Adwal

2-      Banda

3-      Chakri

4-      Basali

5-      Gorakhpur

6-      Sehal

B- Following PCs of chaklala QH

1-      Jarali

2-      Morgan

3-      Topi

4-      Lkhana i & ii

5-      Kotla Kallar

6-      Dhamial

7-      Dhama