NA-63 Rawalpindi vii (old NA-53 Rawalpindi iv)


Election 2018:

      PML-N          PTI          PPP/Other
Ghulam Sarwar khan Ch. Nisar Ali

Ghulam Sarwar Khan

Ex-MNA: Ghulam Sarwar Khan (2002-2008) (2013-2018)

Party: PTI

MAP of Constituency

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In 2013 Ghualm Sarwar khan on PTI ticket defeated his arch rival Choudry Nisar Ali khan from this constituency of Taxila.

Current Political Position

Most Influential Politician: Ghulam Sarwar Khan


Ch. Nisar Ali Khan

A federal minister in the Shaukat Aziz-led government, Ghulam Sarwar Khan won the election from this constituency in 2002 as an independent candidate with an easy margin. Ghulam Sarwar Khan was a veteran PPP leader who due to local rivalries was not given a party ticket in 2002 and, hence, had decided to contest the election as an independent candidate. His victory came against Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan who is a PMLN heavyweight. After the elections, however, Ghulam Sarwar Khan joined hands with the ruling PMLQ.

In 2008 Ghulam Sarwar Khan contested the polls as a PMLQ candidate and lost the seat by to rival Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan by huge margin. PPP awarded its ticket to a local leader, Sardar Sohaib Mumtaz who came distant third.

Total population:                            763261
Total Registered Voters:               343853
Provincial Seats:                               2

PP-11 QG Taxila

PP-12 Taxila

Results of 2013 Elections:

Ghulam Sarwar Khan PTI 110308
Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan PML-N 102142
Syed Intikhab Hussain Shah PPP-P 14870


Muhammad Siddique Khan* PTI 48440
Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan PML-N 47666
Chaudhary Muhammad Kamran Ali Khan PPP-P 14529

Muhammad Siddique Khan passed away in 2016 and seat won by Malik Umer Farooq Khan on ticket of PML-N in by-elections held in 2016.


Malik Taimoor Masood PTI 49876
Malik Umer Farooq PML-N 40442
Faisal Iqbal Independent 12999


 Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner Ch. Nisar Ali Khan PML(N) Acquired Votes: 72257
Runner Up Ghulam Sarwar Khan PML(Q) Acquired Votes: 49068

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Ghulam Sarwar Khan IND Acquired Votes: 66900
Runner Up Ch. Nisar Ali Khan PML(N) Acquired Votes: 57110


Constituency Structure

1-      Texila Tehsil


4-      Adyala QH of Rawalpidi Tehsil