Sargodha District

Area:  5,864 km2
Population:  2,665,979 Est.2010-11
National Assembly Seats:  5
Provincial Assembly Seats: 11
Tehsils/ Towns: 5


Current Party Position

District is famous for its fine quality Citrus

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Choudhry Anwer Ali Cheema

The district is citrus capital of Pakistan and home largest air base of Pakistan air force. It was home to Pakistan’s seventh prime minister, Sir Feroz Khan Noon, who before becoming the premier had served as chief minister of the Punjab (1953-56) and India’s high commissioner to the UK (1936-1941). Another important individual to have come from the district was the first chief justice of the Pakistan Federal Shariah Court, Justice Pir Karam Shah. He belonged to the town of Bhera. Anwar Ali Cheema is another notable political personality of the district. He is one of the three people in Pakistan to have won all seven general elections since 1985.

Sargodha won the Hilal-i-Istiqlal for the bravery and courage shown by its residents during the war of 1965.

The dominant political families of the district are the Cheemas, Noons, Parachas, Laks and Qureshis.

In Coming elections there is tough competition expected between PML-N and PPP. PML-Q will be back at third position with only ace in their hand in form of Mr. Anwer Ali Cheema who is also relative of choudhries of Gujrat. PTI also established thier position in parts of Sargodha but it will be much difficult for PTI to win any seat from Sargodha district.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-64  Sargodha-i           Miani T.C, Bhaira M.C. bahlwal M.C, Phullawan and

Jahawarian T.C

NA-65  Sargodha-ii          Kot Momin T.C, Lillaiani T.C

NA-66  Sargodha-iii         Sargodha Minicipal Committee, Sargodha cantt.

NA-67  Sargodha-iv         Parts Srgodha tehsil and parts of sillanwali tehsil.

NA-68  Sargodha-v          Sillanwali tehsil, Shahpur tehsil, Sahiwal tehsil

Notable Politicians:

  • Choudhry Anwer Ali Cheema
  • Haroon Ehsan Paracha
  • Nadeem Afzal Chan
  • Mohammed Farooq Baha ul Haq Shah
  • Ghias Ahmed Mela
  • Mehr Khaliq Yar Lak
  • Tasneem Ahmed Quraishi
  • Hamid Hameed
  • Mazher Ahmed Quraishi
  • Syed Javed Hasnain
  • Sardar Shafqat Hayat Khan
  • Farrukh Javed Ghumman