Sialkot District

NEW Delimitation of Sialkot District

NEW Delimitation of Sialkot District

Area:  3,016 km2
Population:  3893672 Census 2017
National Assembly Seats:  5
Provincial Assembly Seats: 11
Tehsils/ Towns: 4

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Khawaja Mohammed Asif

Sialkot is famous for Manufacturing of sports goods

This district bordering Indian-administered Kashmir is one of Pakistan’s most developed: it has emerged as the country’s hub of sports goods and surgical instruments’ manufacturing. Hence it came as no surprise to many people when Pakistan’s first international airport funded by the private sector was built here.

Sialkot is the home district of Chaudhry Amir Hussain and Dr. Firdos Ashiq Awan.  Another politician from Sialkot, Khawaja Safdar, whose son khawaja Asif is now in front line leadership of PML-N and got fame in national politics.

Many votes in the district are decided by clan loyalties, as it is home to large communities of Kashmiri, Arain and Gujjar settlers. However, powerful industrialists and businessmen also play an important role in politics and often win elections from the urban areas of the district.

Sialkot International Airport – First port in public private partnership

Sialkot can lay its claim to far more than airports and footballs. As the birthplace of Allama Mohammad Iqbal, the poet and philosopher who articulated a vision of an independent country for India’s Muslims, Sialkot enjoys a special place in the history of Pakistan. The city is also recognized for the bravery of its citizens during the Indian invasion in the 1965 war.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-110   Sialkot-i         Sialkot Cantonment, Sialkot Municipality,

NA-111  Sialkot-ii         Kotli Loharan T.C, Parts of Sialkot Tehsil

NA-112  Sialkot-iii        Bhopalwala T.C, Sambrial Municipality, Bego wala T.C, Jamke Cheema T.C, Parts of Sialkot and Daska Tehsil.

NA-113  Sialkot-iv         Daska Municipality, Kalass wala T.C, Parts of Daska & Pasrur Tehsil

NA-114  Sialkot-v          Pasrur M.C, Chawinda T.C, Parts of Pasrur & Sialkot Tehsil.


Notable Politicians:

  • Dr. Firdos Ashiq Awan
  • Choudhey Amir Hussain
  • Khawaja Mohammed Asif
  • Idrees Bajwa
  • Rana Abdul Sattar
  • Sahbzada Syed Murtaza Amin
  • Zahid Hamid