NA-111 Toba Tek Singh i   (Old NA-92 Toba Tek Singh i)


Election 2018:

          PML-N              PTI          PPP/Other
      Khalid Jeved Waraich     Usama Hamza
Ch. Khalid Javed Waraich

Ch. Khalid Javed Waraich

MNA: Choudhry Khalid Javed Waraich

Party: PML-N

Current Political Position


Ch. Amjad Ali Waraich

Amjad Ali Warraich of the PML-J won this seat in 2002, beating Mohammad Hamza, the well known stalwart of the PML-N and the PPP’s Haji Mohammad Ishaq. Warraich’s nomination papers for the 2008 polls were rejected, so PML-Q ‘s ticket went to his wife, Begum Farkhanda Amjad Waraich for 2008 elections.

Farkhanda Amjad Waraich defeated Mr. M. Hamza of PML-N and PPP’s candidate is Chaudhry Khalid Bashir who is the son of a former parliamentarian, the late Chaudhry Bashir Khan with comprehensive margin.

In current scenario, it will be difficult for PML-N to launch a suitable candidate in absence of M. Hamza who been elected as senator in 2012. While Waraich family who is still loyal o

M. Hamza

f Choudhries of Gujrat and this time support of PPP will be also there, which is very effective third force in this area and got 40K plus votes in each 2002 and 2008 elections.

Total population:                            694809
Total Registered Voters:               36091
Provincial Seats:                               2

 Results of 2013 Elections:

Chaudhry Khalid Javed Warraich PML-N 90915
Usama Hamza Independent 60933
Mrs. Amjad Ali Warraich PNML 36522
Haji Khalid Mehmood Chatha Independent 12183


Bilal Asghar Warraich PNML 26501
Asad Zaman Independent 22230
Mrs Fouzia Khalid Warraich PML-N 20288
Sarwat Khalid Malik PPP-P 12213
Safdar Ali Wahala PTI 8072


Abdul Qadeer Alvi PML-Q 39170
Ihsan Ul Haq Independent 21757
Mian Tariq Mehmood PNML 14958
Muhammad Owais Nabeel PTI 9099
Haji Muhammad Ishaq PPP-P 6175


 Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner  Farkhanda Amjad Waraich PML-Q Acquired Votes: 69827
Runner Up  M. Hamza PML-N Acquired Votes: 57203

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner Ch. Amjad Ali Waraich PML-J Acquired Votes: 61746
Runner Up  M. Hamza PML-N Acquired Votes: 51416


Constituency Structure:

1-      Gojra Tehsil

2- Following PC of Toba Tek Singh ii of Toba tek Singh Tehsil

i-Chak 389/JB and Chak 377/JB

3- Following PCs of Chohala QH of Toba Tek Singh Tehsil

i- Chak 287/JB and Chak 302/JB