Vehari District

Area: 4,373 km2
Population:  2,613,020< est.2010-11
National Assembly Seats: 4
Provincial Assembly Seats:  8
Tehsils/ Towns: 3




Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Doultana’s of Luddan

Mian Mumtaz Doultana-1st cheif Minister of Punjab

This district was carved out of Multan district in 1976 and consists of Vehari, Burewala and Mailsi tehsils. Located on the right bank of the Sutlej River, the district is aptly named as Vehari literally translates into “low lying settlement next to a flood water channel”. Spread over 4,364 square kilometres, the fertile land of this region is best suited to agriculture. A well-laid out canal system facilitates cultivation: the two major canals are Mailsi and Pakpattan. Indeed, the history of the district is closely linked to the canal irrigation system — the district came about as a result of the construction of the Pakpattan canal in the beginning of the twentieth century. Counted among Vehari’s quality agricultural products is cotton, and consequently dozens of cotton processing plants and cotton seed oil manufacturing units are located here. Sugarcane and wheat are also grown in the region.

Politically, the most influential families in this district are the Daultanas, Khakwanis and Khichis. In fact, members of these families do contest for every election on every seat of district. The first chief minister of Punjab, Mumtaz Ahmed Khan Daultana, also came from this area. Pirs also play an important part in the politics of this district.

Legendary fast bowler Waqar Younis also belongs to Vehari. He was popularly known as the Burewala Express — after the small town in the district where he was born and raised. The first recipient of Nishan-e-Haider, the highest military award in the country, Major Mohammad Tufail Shaheed, was from Vehari district as well.


National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-167  Vehari – i                Burewala M.C, Bure wala Tehsil, Sheikh Fazil, Umerpur, Gaggo, Chak 215EB

Azeem Doultana (late-2011)

NA-168  Vehari -ii              Part Vehari Tehsil, Machiwala, Luddan, Kasam sar, Part Burewala Tehsil

NA-169  Vehari -iii             Vehari Muncipality, karampur T.C. Parts of Vehari and Melsi Tehsil

NA-170  Vehari -iv              Melsi M.C, Jallah Jeem T.C., Tibba Sultanpur T.C., Fateh Pur, Lal Sagu, Mehfoozabad Q.G of Mailsi Tehsil.


Notable Politicians:

  • Tehmina Doultana
  • Syed Shahid Mehdi Naseem
  • Qurban Ali Chouhan
  • Choudhry Asghar Ali jatt
  • Choudhry Nazir Ahmed Jatt
  • Choudhry Nazir Ahmed Arain
  • Nitasha Doultana
  • Bilal Akbar Bhatti
  • Aftab Ahmed Khan Khichi
  • Saeed Ahmed Khan Menais
  • Mehmood Hayat Khan, Tochi Khan
  • Aurangzeb khichi