Badin District

Area: 6,726 km2
Population:  1,136,636 < est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 2
Provincial Assembly Seats:  4
Talluqas/ Subdivisions: 5
  • Badin
  • Matli
  • Shaheed Fazil Rahu
  • Talhar
  • Tando Bago

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Zulfiqar Mirza

Badin District often remain in new due to floods and cyclones

With headquartered at the city of Badin the district is situated between 24°-5` to 25°-25` north latitude and 68 21’ to 69 20’ east longitude and is bounded on the north by Hyderabad District on the east by Mirpurkhas and Tharparkar districts, on the south the Rann of Kutch, which also forms part of the disputed boundary with India, and on the west it is bounded by Thatta and Hyderabad districts. he population of the district is mainly Muslim constituting 79.43 percent of the total population, more in urban at 82.17 percent as compared to 78.89 percent in rural areas. Important Muslim tribes include the Halaypotra and Hingora. However Hindus form an important minority at 19.93 percent in the district with a larger concentration at 20.67 percent in rural areas compared to 16.16 percent in urban areas. Presence of other minorities in the district.

Dr. Fahmida Mirza – Speaker National Assembly – the soft image of Badin

Badin may have lost its political significance today but there was a time in the Talpur era when the district was a power centre. Now this coastal district is more in the news for its cyclones and heavy rains which often bring misery for its populace. Badin has endured weather disasters such as heavy rains and cyclones since the last five years, which destroy its precious crops and livestock, severely affecting the local agricultural infrastructure. Unfortunately the previous government has rarely come to the assistance of the people. Even though Badin is rich in natural resources, the residents continue to live in deplorable conditions.



National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-224  Badin – i         Matli Talluqa, Talhar Talluqa, Tando Bago Talluqa (Part)

NA-225  Badin – ii         BadinTalluqa, Shaheed Fazil Rahu Talluqa, Part Tando Bago Talluqa


Notable Politicians:

  • Fahmida Mirza
  • Yasmin Shah
  • Zulfiqar Mirza
  • Ghlam Ali Nizamani
  • Ali Akbar Nizamani
  • Mir Mohammed Hassan Khan Talpur
  • Bashir Ahmed Khan
  • Syed Ali Bukhs Shah – Pappu Shah
  • Sikander Ali Mandhro
  • Mohammed Nawaz Chandio
  • Mohammed Ismail Rahu