NA-232 Dadu-i

Current Political Position

Analytical Factors:


Rafique Ahmed Jamali

Rafique Jamali, won this seat by a margin of 15,000 votes in 2002. His closest challenger then was the PMLQ’s Ahmed Khan Lund. In 2008 Liaqat Ali Jatoi won an adjoining seat, NA-233, in the 2002 competed from this seat but lost to Mr. Rafique Ahmed Jamali with quite wide margin owing to the murder of Benazir Bhutoo and poor performance of PML-Q federal and provincial government. In 2007activists vented their fury against the former federal minister and chief minister (1996 government) by torching his properties in Dadu in the aftermath of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

Liaqat Jatoi

Lately Liaqat Jatoi formed his own party with the name of “Awami Ittehad party” and it is expected that he will be in position of uniting all anti peoples party forces to give tough time in coming elections.
Pakvoice gives this seat to PPP



Total population:                            535355
Total Registered Voters:               389936
Provincial Seats:                               2



 Results of 2008 Elections:

Winner  Rafique Ahmed Jamali PPPP Acquired Votes: 87467
Runner Up  Liaqat Ali Khan Jatoi PML(Q) Acquired Votes: 34019

 Results of 2002 Elections:

Winner  Rafique Ahmed Jamali PPPP Acquired Votes: 56814
Runner Up  Ahmed Khan Lund PML-(Q) Acquired Votes: 41982


Constituency Structure:

1-      Dadu Talluqa

2-      Johi Talluqa