Ghotki District

Area:         km2
Population:   970,549 <   est.1998
National   Assembly Seats: 2
Provincial   Assembly Seats: 4
Tehsils/   Sub divisions: 5
  • Daharki
  • Ghotki
  • Mirpur Mathelo
  • Ubauro
  • Khan      Garh

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Ali Gohar Khan Mahar

District Ghotki has its due importance as the district hosts both the industrial and agricultural zones. It is the second most revenue generating district of the province Sindh. The land of Ghotki is very fertile and produces various crops including Cotton, Wheat, Sugar cane and Rice. The industrial zone of Ghotki plays a vital role in the revenue generation of District Ghotki and contributes towards a big churn of the province Sindh. The main role players in the industrial section of Ghotki are some big names from the corporate sector of Pakistan including Oil and Gas Company Limited (OGDC), Engro Chemicals and Fauji Fertilizers.

Mirpur Mathelo is the capital of Ghotki District. District Ghotki borders Sadiqabad a neighboring city of Ghotki located in the province of Punjab. The town is located at 28°1’0N 69°19’0E with an altitude of 72 metres (239 ft). Ghtoki has generally very hot weather around the year and the winter lasts for 3 months per calendar year.

Ghotki was founded by an ambassador general of Raja Ibn Selaj Birhman (a relative of Raja Dahar of Sindh) in 637 A.D(15th year of Hijra) named Hath Sam who set up an army settlement/camp after defeating a Muslim Army of Arabia.

The camp later assumed the shape of a village on 17th Shaban in 17th year of Hijra (639 A.D) when people of different tribes came to settle here. Two years later the people deserted this village and it again became a land of birds and animals. In year 695 A.D certain fishermen came here and settled and named the village as “Miani” but when the river changed its course the people left the village again to the mercy of jackals.

The Mahar family is most prominent political family of district as Mahar clan has a lot of population in Ghotki district. They usually win both National assembly seats of district and three to four provincial assembly seats of district. In 2008 Its members have worked hard to cobble together a group that would jockey for a place in the future parliament but only able to secure only one national assembly seat.

Most recently Mahar family joined PPP and its elders shown trust on leader ship of Asif Ali Zardari, the current President and co- chairman of Pakistan people’s party.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-200  Ghotki- i   Ubaro Talluqa, Daharki Talluqa, Parts of Mir Pur Mathelo (Mir Pur Mathelo Town, Yaro Lund, Mir Pur Mathelo STC)

NA-201  Ghotki- ii   Ghotki Talluqa, Khangarh Talluqa, Parts of Mir Pur Mathelo Talluqa.

Notable Politicians:

  • Mian Abdul Haq Mian Mitho
  • Khalid Ahmed Khan Lund
  • Ali Mohammed Mahar
  • Sardar Ahmed Khan Lund
  • Ali Gohar Khan Mahar
  • Ali Nawaz Khan Mahar
  • Rahim Bux Khan
  • Jam Ikramullah Dhariju
  • Mir Babar Khan Lund