Khair Pur District

Area:  15,910 km2
Population:  1,515,000 < est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 3
Provincial Assembly Seats:  6
Talluqas/ Towns: 8
  • Khairpur
  • Nara
  • Kot Diji
  • Sobho Dero
  • Kingri
  • Faiz Ganj
  • Gambat
  • Mirwah

Current Party Position

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Historic Kot Diji Fort – Khairpur District

Most Influential Politician: Pir Sahab Pagara

Khairpur District is located in northern Sindh and is bounded on the north by Shikarpur and Sukkur, on the east by India, on the south by Sanghar and Nawabshah and on the west by Larkana and Naushahro Feroz.

Khairpur State was ruled by Talpur Mirs (ameers) of the Talpur dynasty from 1783 to 1955. In 1947, when Pakistan gained independence, Khairpur Mir’s was one of the princely states that opted to join Pakistan. In 1955, the Government of Pakistan announced the abolition of all the princely states and Khairpur Mir’s was annexed into the then province of West Pakistan.

Under the rule of the Talpur Mirs, Khairpur was one of the richest states in all of Balochistan, the Punjab and Sindh. Faiz Mahal, situated in the centre of Khairpur city, remains a popular tourist site in centeral Sindh. But since Partition, it has seen a reversal in its fortune. A large part of Khairpur is covered by wild forests

Faiz Mahal- Residence of Talpur Mirs of Khairpur

and katcha areas. While the Mirs now have little say on the political goings-on, the Pirs of the district have emerged not only in district politics but in national politics. Pir Pagaro, Pir of Ranipur, Pir of Gambat and many other small Pirs who play important role in district level politics. The district has also produced two provincial chief ministers: Syed Ghous Ali Shah of the PML-N and Syed Qaim Ali Shah of the PPP.

Pir Jo Goth – Home of Pir Sahab Pagara – Kingri – District Khairpur


Major Tribes Are : Talpur,Rajput, Narejo,Jamali, Thebo, Gajani, Shah,Sahito, Tagar, Jillani, Khuwaja, Abro, Memon, Shaikh,Ghumro, Janwari, Phulpoto, Wassan, Rind, Leghari, Jagirani, Jatoi, Tumrani, Solangi, Lashari.





National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-215  Khairpur – i                 Khairpur Talluqa, Kot Diji Talluqa           

NA-216  Khairpur – ii                 Rani Pur Town, Mirwah Talluqa, Faiz Ganj Talluqa, Nara Talluqa, Parts of Rani Pur and Sabhodero Talluqa.

NA-217  Khairpur – iii                Gambat Talluqa, Kingri Talluqah, Major Part Sabhodero Talluqa



Notable Politicians:

  • Syed Qaim Ali Shah
  • Pir Bachal Shah
  • Nawab Ali Wassan
  • Manzoor Hussain Wasan
  • Pir Syed Ahmed Raza Sha Jilani
  • Syed Javed Ali Shah
  • Syed Ali Hyder Shah
  • Pir Syed Sadar ud Din Shah Rashdi
  • Sajid Ali Banbhan
  • Pir Syed Fazal Ali Shah Jilani
  • Syed Kazim Ali Shah Lakyari
  • Mohammed Rafique Banbhan
  • Naeem Ahmed Kharral
  • Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh