Sukhur District

Area:  5,165 km2
Population:  1.5 million  Est.2010-11
National Assembly Seats:  2
Provincial Assembly Seats:4
Tehsils/ Towns: 4

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah

Sukkur district is divided into 4 administrative strata (tehsils), namely; Su

Syed Khursheed Shah

kkur City, Rohri, Saleh Pat and Pano Aqil. Among them Sukkur city and new Sukkur are urban centre while Pano Aqil is famous for having one of largest military cantonment of the country. Rohri is the smallest tehsil of the Sukkur district, both in area and population but is has one of ancient and important railway junction.

While Sukkur district is home to many political groupings, but mainly its hub of Pakistan people’s party. MQM is also gaining some strength from interior Sukhur area and Mahar group has also some standings in area but key always remain in hands of Pakistan Peoples Party.

Sukkur district is chiefly populated by Muslims, that constitute 96% of the total population, of which, the Sunni form a clear majority, about (80%) and Shias are about 16%. The minorities include: Hindus 3.28% and Christians about 0.51%. Hindus are mostly settled in urban areas and are engaged in the trade and services sectors. Ethnically, Sindhis share the biggest segment of population in Sukkur and Rohri city areas(70.50%), followed by Muhajirs (15.50%); Punjabi (7.50%); Pashto (2.50%); Seraiki (1.00%); Baluchi (1.00)and others (2.00). Baloch tribes include, Mirani Rind,Kalyar, Chandio, Gabol, Khoso and Leghari. Others include Indhar, Ansaris, Mahars, Syed, Mughals, Soomro, Mangrio, chijjan, Phulpoto, Palh and many more. There are Memon, Punjabi and Siraiki sections. Traditionally Memons were associated with trade and retail business but during last two decades they have ascended as an active social and economic front.

National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-198  Sukhur-i           Sukhur Talluqa, Rohi Municipal Committee

NA-199  Sukhur-ii         Panno Aqil Talluqa, Salepat Talluqa, Rohri Talluqa(ex.Rohri M.c)


Notable Politicians:

  • Syed Khursheed Shah
  • Islam ud Din Sheikh
  • Nouman Islam Sheikh
  • Abdul Mujeeb Pirzada
  • Tahir Ahmed Sheikh
  • Taj Mohammed Sheikh