Thatha District

Area:            km2
Population:  1,113,194.< est.1998
National Assembly Seats: 2
Provincial Assembly Seats:  4
Talluqas/ Subdivisions: 9
  • Ghora Bari
  • Jati
  • Mirpur Bathoro
  • Mirpur Sakro
  • Shah Bandar
  • Sujawal
  • Thatta
  • Kharo Chan
  • Keti Bander

Current Party Position

Party Ranking:









Most Influential Politician: Altaf Hussain

Thatta District is southern district  of province of Sindh, Pakistan. Its capital is Thatta located close to the contested disputed boundary of the Kori Creek.

Thatta remains the capital of three successive dynasties and later ruled by the Mughal emperors of Delhi. Thatta was constantly embellished from the 14th to the 18th century. The remains of the city and its necropolis provide a unique

Jamia Mosque Thatta – built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan

view of civilization in Sindh. Thatta, about 98 km (61 mi) east of Karachi. Once Thatta served as capital of Sindh and as a center for Islamic arts. Since the 14th century four Muslim dynasties ruled Sindh from Thatta, but in 1739 the capital was moved elsewhere and Thatta declined. It was believed that this was the place where Alexander the Great rested his legions after their long march. The town is dominated by the Great Mosque built by the Moghul Emperor Shah Jehan which has been carefully restored to its original condition. The mosque’s 33 arched domes give it superb acoustics and the tile work, a whole range of shades of blue, is equally fine. Situated on the outskirts of the new town, it is surrounded by narrow lanes and multi-story houses made of plaster and wood which are top by badgirs, the wind catchers designed to funnel cool breezes down into the interiors of buildings. They are also quite common in Hyderabad.

The bazaars of Thatta are known for hand-printed fabrics, glass bangles and Sindhi embroidery work in laid with tinny mirrors, one of the more world known handicrafts of Pakistan. Thatta is a fascinating town which appears to have scarcely moved out of the 18th century and is only slowly catching up with the

Historical Grave Yard of Makkli – is great tourist attraction of Thatta District

modern world.

Thatta is famous for its necropolis, which covers 10 km2 (3.9 sq mi) on the Makli Hill, which assumed its quasi-sacred character during Jam Nizamu-d Din’s rule. The site became closely interlinked with the lives of the people. Every year thousands perform pilgrimage to this site to commemorate the saints buried here. The graves testify to a period of four centuries when Thatta was a thriving center of trade, religion and scholarly pursuits and the capital of Sind.

The old town of Thatta has never been an easy terrain to conquer for any political party, be it the PML-Q or the PPP. In 2002 both seats of thatta won by PML-Q with help of Shirazi Family of Thatta but in 2008 election, PPP clinched one seat from Shirazi’s to reduce PML-Q to one seat.

Recently Shirazis defected to PPP and now with help of them PPP can sweep Thatta district in coming elections.



National Assembly Constituencies:

NA-237  Thatta– i         Thatta Talluqa, MirPurSakro Talluqa, Keti Bandar Talluqa, Ghorabari Talluqa

NA-238  Thatta – ii       Jati Talluqa, Kharochan Talluqa, Mirpur Bathoro Talluqa, Shah bunder Talluqa, Sijawal Talluqa


Notable Politicians:

  • Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Shirazi
  • Dr. Abdul Wahid Soomro
  • Syed Riaz Hussain Shah Shirazi
  • Arbab Wazir Ahmed
  • Mohammed Ali MAlkani
  • Marvi Memon